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ďAs an excellent and experienced custom brokerage and freight forwarder (FMC Lic# 021818NF), we serve customers NATIONWIDE at ALL USA ports. (National Lic #22279 and C-TPAT certified)

We streamline the import and customs brokerage process through every ports of the United States with our exclusive electronic data interface. As importations to the USA are getting more complicated, Agiloc is HERE to HELP all customers in compliance with U.S. Customsí rules and regulations.

With our in-depth knowlegable and dedication to highest quality of service, we assist importers to gather the right documentations, certificates, licenses required to a smooth importation.

Our Services include:
> Customs clearance at ALL PORTS in the UNITED STATES
> Consultation of U.S. Customs compliances (registrations and applications of certificates and licenses)
> Freight Forwarder (import & export services)
> Complete management of the release of cargo in a consistent and problem solving mind with all government agencies
> Cargo transportation
> Bond application
> Cargo Insurance
> Warehouse & distribution
> Licenses and Permit (FCE, SID, FDA registration number, Agriculture permit, Fish & Wildlife permit, FCC, EPA, alcohol & tobacco permit) applications assistance
First time importers, sample importations, hand-carries loose cargo,
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